Please use the following link to add me on skype: CLICK HERE

If the above link does not work, or you are not using the default skype client, you can add me manually by typing in my email in the skype search box:

Exact skype name: live:epic.integrity

General availability hours: 12:00 - 00:00 (12pm to 12 am) Central Europe Time (CET)
I usually respond within 5-30 minutes if you contact me within the availability hours.
If you are unable to contact me via skype, you can also send me an email (

Sometimes skype bugs out and contact requests do not go through. To fix this, simply call me and let it ring for around 10 seconds. This pushes the contact request.

There are many impersonators so make sure to add me only using the above link or email address AND PM me on the forum to double check. A list of my impersonators that my customers have encountered can be found here.

Make sure to send me a PM on EpicNPC before doing any kind of transaction with me on skype!